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The ProstoMore Internet resource was created for independent travelers who can personally choose a vacation spot for themselves, avoiding spending additional time and money with intermediaries. You are in direct contact with the property owners or their representatives in the field, check prices and free dates, a map of the area and a description of the house.

To choose a future resting place you need:

  1. On the all ads page, set the necessary search conditions in the filter, click "Search"
  2. Select your favorite ads.
  3. On the ad page, you can clarify any questions with the owner of the property using the "Contact the owner" button.
  4. Agree with the owner the cost, terms of the lease. Be sure to sign the contract!

Each ad contains information about the property, read it carefully!

Before writing a letter, carefully consider the rental schedule (whether the days you need are free) and the place of the house or apartment on the map, other details indicated in the description.

What to look for when choosing an apartment?

We recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • Choose some of your favorite apartment or villa rental listings
  • Look carefully at the photos. For example: If there is no view from the windows in any of the photos in the ad, please do not expect beautiful views from the windows. Think about what is not reflected in the photographs in the description. If this is important to you, be sure to ask the owner a question.
  • Specify the location of the object on the map. For example: is the sea close?
  • Read the reviews about the selected ad, ask the owner the additional questions that appear after that.
  • The languages the landlord wishes to communicate in are listed in the Landlord Preferences (About Tenant) section.
  • Pay attention to the owner's preferences regarding guests. For example, smoking is allowed, living with children.
  • Write to the owners of the selected ads. Look at the speed of response and the completeness of the responses.

And not deceived?

A large number of people already enjoy independent recreation opportunities. We are sure that your trip will be a success. But a lot depends on you. Be more careful when choosing where to live. We do not control the owners and we cannot guarantee the absence of false information.

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